Meet our team

PD Luise Erpenbeck, MD, lab head

Luise studied medicine in Magdeburg and Göttingen (2003- 2010) and has been interested in neutrophils and tumorimmunology since working on her thesis "Platelet Receptors and Melanoma Metastasis" (defended 2011). She spent 2 years in the lab of Denisa Wagner (Boston Children's Hospital, 2012- 2014) to learn all about NETs, thrombosis and cancer and has been an independent group leader in Göttingen since 2014. When not in the lab she works as a physician in the Department of Dermatology. Hobbies include spending time with her family, reading and singing.

See publications here.

Jason Holsapple, PhD student

Jason joined the lab in August 2021 to study biophysical aspects of the neutrophilic nucleus during NET formation. He previously completed his Master at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Jason enjoys traveling and good food together with his wife and has two lovely if at times capricious cats.  

Anne Schmitz, PhD student

Anne joined the lab in September 2021. She is interested in intercellular communication between neutrophils and uses a wide variety of imaging approaches, including nanomaterial-based novel imaging methods as well as classical biochemical approaches. 
Anne enjoys classical music and plays different types of recorders.

Meike Steinert, technician

Meike is an experienced technician who welcomed us in Münster when we arrived in August 2021and has since then been an amazing help every day. 

Stefanie Deterin, administration

Stefanie helps organise everything in and around the lab with a firm hand. She watches out for all of the lab members and really keeps things running. 

Antonia Luise Gruhn, medical student

Antonia joined the lab in 2018 and has investigated the influence of substrate elasticity in NET formation, a project she competently took over from Gökhan Günay. Her research was recently published in Frontiers of Immunology. She was awarded one of the prestigious research fellowships of DSD (Deutsche Stiftung Dermatologie) for her MD thesis. Antonia is also interested in neurotransmitter singling in the immune system. In her free time, she enjoys Latin American dance and  traveling.  

Thea Mara Husar, medical student

Thea joined us in 2019 to study neurotransmitter signaling in neutrophils. In an impressively short amount of time, she has become our expert at qPCR and her work has led to some unexpected and very exciting data. For her research project, she was awarded the Kurt & Eva Herrmann fellowship of the Alfred Marchionini Foundation. In her free time, Thea bakes the most amazing cakes, enjoys acting and belly-dancing! She is also fluent in Swedish and thinks about moving to Sweden there at some point in her career. 

Former Lab Members

Lukas Mrowietz, medical student